Eulàlia Borrut Casas

Eulàlia Borrut Casas, born in Gavà (Barcelona, Spain) in 1971. 2012 © | Works protected by the Registry of the Intellectual Property
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Has been an artist and painter for over tweenty years and has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Barcelona. She has also completed her studies at the Guild of Interior Design. Over a period of five years, she attended the Academy of the celebrated sculptor and artist "El Maño". (...)

Some years ago, E. Borrut began the search for her personal creative identity; her anxieties, her feelings and her perceptions have evolved and changed with laudable consistency to bring her to a style wholly dedicated to the Abstract Genre where, over the last decade, she has been able to establish herself as an artist in her own right (...) An artist of sublime sensitivity and pictorial creativity, she takes inspiration from her day-to-day activities with the force of expression which is characteristic of her. Her canvasses are captivating, full of nerve and infused with her personal hallmark, which imbues all her pieces: she is "a virtuoso of colour". Her work is a symphony of warm and cold colours, performed in a magnificent orchestration of all their scales and tones.